Welcome to P4/5

Class Teachers: Mrs R Blair & Mr M Creelman

We would like to welcome you and your child to Primary 4/5.  I am also looking forward to getting to know my new class. As with every new academic year, new challenges are part of moving up the education ladder.  New routines, however, are, the most difficult challenges faced by children and, not least, by parents at the beginning of a new school year.  In order to explain some of the routines in  Primary 4/5, I have included some of them here for your information.



Literacy includes the teaching of talking and listening, reading and writing and all three areas get an equal focus for development and learning opportunities.  There is also a commitment to exposing children to a range of genres via their reading and writing experiences.  Children in Primary 4/5 transition from Reading Eggs to Accelerated Reader on entering P4.  This allows children to read at their own level and to be challenged to improve by testing on their understanding of the text after reading a book.



As well as covering the basics of the four operations, we try to find connections with the world around us.  Children in Primary 4 will develop their addition and subtraction skills and knowledge within 1000 with multiplication and division being introduced this year also.  Primary 5 pupils build on prior knowledge and extend their number skills to working within numbers up to 10,000.



Our World Around Us topic for this term in 'Food and Fitness'.



In P.E., we have been taking every opportunity to get outside and into the fresh air.  We have been focusing on striking and fielding games.

Other information

Spelling homeworks are currently set at the beginning of the week with children working through differentiated activities over the course of the week.  On Thursday nights, spellings from the previous three nights should be revised in preparation for a Friday test.  The spellings file should be brought into school on Friday morning.


Written homeworks are set on Monday and Wednesday nights.  These homeworks relate to work covered in class during the week. 


Guided reading is read in class and sent home for children to read to an adult at home.  Reading is set on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.  Pages/chapters to be read along with any notes or comments will be indicated in your child’s reading homework diary.  Please initial your child’s reading record each evening.


Mental maths homeworks are set on Monday - Thursday and reinforce the number facts covered in class.  The main priority, however, is the process.  This could, for example, be recalling facts or practising a mental maths strategy.