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Welcome from the Principal

Thank you for visiting Garvagh Primary School’s website. It gives us great pleasure to provide you with an opportunity to learn more about the life and work of our school family. We hope you will find it interesting and helpful.

We believe Garvagh Primary School is a very special place. A place where children are always put first, a place where every child matters equally, a place where every child is valued, respected, cared for and loved. A place where learning is fun and enjoyable, where a strong professional team ensure every child is fully engaged in their learning, thriving and achieving

their full potential.   It is a place where parents and guardians are welcomed as partners in their child’s educational journey; a place which is at the heart of our local community with the local community at its heart. As a school family we believe Garvagh Primary is a wonderful place for local children to learn and grow together.  Having just reached 100 pupils at the end of June for the first time in seven years, Garvagh Primary School is re-establishing itself as a school of choice in the area.

We hope this website visit will provide the necessary information and insights you are seeking. Should you require additional information to help you gain a fuller picture of life at Garvagh Primary School or wish to speak to us, you are most welcome to contact the school and we will be pleased to help.

The best way to find out more about us is to visit the school, or to talk to our parents - who have often been our best advertisement.

Mr M Creelman


About us

Want to find out more about Garvagh Primary School?  Follow this link to find out more.

Classes (2023/24)

Information about our classes and what they are getting up to can be found here.

News & Events

Download the latest copy of the school newsletter here or keep tabs on our Facebook feed to see what is happening at GPS.

Contact us

If you need to find us or to make contact with us, there are a number of ways in which you can do so.


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