Garvagh Primary School is a Controlled co-educational Primary School. The enrolment number and admission number for the school are as follows:


Enrolment number: 236 (ie total enrolment permitted)

Admission number: 30 (ie total admissions permitted to P1)


The admissions criteria for the school is drawn up by the Board of Governors and administered by the Principal. Criteria will be used in the event of the school being oversubscribed. The criteria are listed in order of priority.


1. Preference will be given to any pupil who has attained compulsory school age at the time of their proposed admission in accordance with the school's admission number.


2. Preference will be given to any child who has/had older brothers/sisters/parents enrolled at the school.


3. Preference will be given to any child whose parent/guardian is an employee of the school.


4. Preference will be given to pupils who are the first in their family to seek entry to the school.


5. Preference will be given to pupils who have/had siblings at other Primary Schools in the area.


6. Compulsory school age children whose home address is closest to the school as measured by public road.

7. In the event of places being available after the admission of all compulsory school age applicants, consideration will be given to the admission of children below compulsory school age who have reached their 4th birthday. Places will be allocated to these children according to their date of birth (priority to the eldest child).

The admissions criteria are reviewed annually and are subject to change.  Please contact the school office for the most up to date information.