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Our Staff


Mr M Creelman, Principal

Ms K Carson, Reception/Primary 1

Mrs R Chestnutt, Primary 2/3

Mrs R Blair & Miss R Bell, Primary 3/4

Mrs E Speers, Primary 5/6 (Senior Teacher)

Mrs J Boyd & Mr M Creelman, Primary 6/7


Ancillary Staff

Mrs J Catherood, Clerical Officer

Mr S Boyd, Building Supervisor

Mrs S McCahon, Cleaning Assistant


Classroom Assistants

Miss J Nicholl, Reception Assistant

Mrs H Lyons, Primary 1 Assistant

Mrs S McIlroy, SEN Assistant

Miss J Hyndman, SEN Assistant 

Mrs M Hunter, SEN Assistant 

Mrs R White, SEN Assistant

Mrs D Brown, SEN Assistant

Mrs M Taylor, SEN Assistant

Miss K Mitchell, SEN Assistant

Mrs L McCloskey, SEN Assistant

Miss N Steele, SEN Assistant 

Miss K Barrett, SEN Assistant

Ms L Cooper, SEN Assistant

Catering Team

Mrs F Church, Senior Catering Supervisor

Mrs E Gilmore, Assistant Catering Supervisor

Mrs J Collins, Catering Assistant

Mrs N McCloskey, Catering Assistant

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